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Chicago Home Appraiser is a real estate appraisal service for anyone who would benefit from the services of an Illinois State Certified Real Estate Appraiser.

Henry M. Jung, an Illinois State Certified Real Estate Appraiser is located in Chicago, Illinois and operates Illinois Appraisal.Com. Henry has 25+ years of experience appraising real estate in Illinois.

A real estate appraisal is a valuable tool for anyone who needs to know the current market value for a specific property.

If you need a market valuation have found the place! Types of Real Property Appraised Single-family residence
• 2-4 unite building
• Multi-family income building
• Condominium
• Co-operatives (Co-ops)
• Vacant-Agricultural land

We are a leading provider of appraisals for:

• First & Second Mortgages and Equity Lines of Credit
• Short Sales
• Foreclosures (REO) Real Estate Owned
• Employee Relocation (ERC)
• Private Mortgage Insurance Removal (PMI)
• Estate Planning
• Divorce Settlement
• Bankruptcy
• Property Tax Appeals
• New Construction
• Reverse Mortgages
• Broker Price Opinions (BPO)
• Collateral Valuation Reports (CVR)
• Review Appraisals

Our appraisal clients include:

• Local Banks
• National Banks
• Mortgage Brokers
• Mortgage Bankers
• Attorneys
• Attorney: Appraise properties involved in estates and trusts
• Banker: Appraise or review properties in their portfolio
• Accountant: Appraisals for tax or trust purposes
• Insurance Agent: Appraise real estate via cost approach for their policies
• Sales Agent: Measure homes for their listings, complete a pre-listing appraisal, review their Competitive Market Analysis or offer to answer questions at a sales meeting
• Neighbors: Complete a market analysis of their home for tax and insurance purposes.

Licenses / Credentials:
• Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser Illinois

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Services Offered
Home Appraisal
Bankruptcy Appraisal
Divorce Appraisal
Estate Appraisal
Short Sale Appraisal
Foreclosure Appraisal
Tax Appeal Appraisal

Chicago Home Appraiser: An Important Part of the Real Estate Process

There is no reason to dread a home appraisal if you come forward fully prepared to achieve your goal. The goal is to sell your property for a good price or to convince a bank to advance a loan, through a positive appraisal. You can call upon a competent

Chicago Home Appraiser

company to reach your goals quickly. Home appraisal is part of applying for a home equity loan, refinancing, or selling your property for a good price. The job of a home appraiser is to evaluate your property and calculate the most reasonable selling price. A detailed

Chicago Home Appraiser

forms the foundation for determining how much money a bank might lend you. If you are the seller you can take certain steps to ensure your appraisal results turns out in your favor. Spend some extra time and effort to ensure quick selling of your home at a satisfactory price before your appointment with the Chicago Home Appraiser service. Take time out, plan your actions, and invest in a little home improvement work and a lot of cleaning the house and garage, trimming the grass and hedges, and arranging the furniture to best show off the home. Paint the interior and exterior where needed. Even a small budget can support a few gallons of paint. With just a little work you’ll have your home in the best condition to be appraised.

Chicago Home Appraiser: Working with You and Your Lender

In case your goal is to purchase a house, the bank or the lending company decides the home appraiser. The lender may have an appraiser that they work with on a regular basis or they may contract with an independent Chicago Home Appraiser. Sometimes, the bank will allow the seller to employ an appraiser they are familiar with and whose judgment and analysis they have come to trust. But irrespective of which side of the transaction you belong, the lending institution must provide you with a copy of the appraisal report if you have any concerns. A written request would suffice. You are well within your rights to dispute any appraisal you are not satisfied with. A home appraiser is licensed by the state and unlike a real estate agent has no vested interest in the amount a home sells for so they will provide you with an unbiased and informed opinion as to the value of a home. The home appraiser is not usually affiliated with a lender but a lender will often have an appraiser in your area that they normally use. An objective Chicago Home Appraiser service will do their job with an impartial mind.

Illinois Appraisal: A Qualified Review


Chicago Home Appraiser

service will approach the evaluation of your property in two ways. You can get a reliable sales comparison to assess the market value of your house compared to similar properties. Adjustments will be made for differences due to any improvements. It can also estimate how much the construction of your newly built house cost you. Your house would not be inspected and evaluated on its structure and condition as would happen in a home inspection. It would only be surveyed and assessed in terms of its current value and selling price. Your home appraiser has completed the required courses prior to certification, and has had years of experience in handing home appraisals. They might have already served for a number of years in the real estate industry in the capacity of real estate brokers or agents. They keep themselves updated with real estate prices and daily market trends. You can expect quick and efficient reports from a Illinois Appraisal with an extensive comparison to other homes. They can tell you how easy or difficult you might find it to sell your home. They will analyze the merits and faults of your property like foundations, private road and right of way, proximity to the community etc.

Chicago Home Appraiser: A Chain of Honest Analyses

In an open and competitive market like real estate, it helps to work with a reliable and well-reputed Illinois Appraisal service. They observe a proper code of ethics in all their business relationships. The home appraiser will have no personal or financial connection with anybody involved in the sale of a home they appraise. They are not swayed by the promises of extra money, commission or more deals. A reliable home appraiser reviews objective factors like structure, care dedicated and maintenance efforts to deliver a fair appraisal. As a result for an objective assessment of the property you want to buy or sell you need a comprehensive and truthful home appraisal. This is an essential yet easy process part of any real estate transaction if a lending institution is part of the process. To get a fair deal for everyone, discuss your requirements with a professional Illinois Appraisal company.

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